Tranquil Sleep Soy Wax Melt


A sensual herbal fragrance opening with relaxing sweet orange and rosemary. It then leads onto a calming lavender and geranium heart, while resting on a cedarwood and patchouli base.

HOW TO USE: We recommend you snap off one or two pieces into your wax melt burner – depending on your fragrance level preference. Don’t overfill though. Carefully light an unscented tea light below. These
wax melts can be melted a couple of times over!

Our melts are long lasting and strongly scented, so you’ll be receiving compliments on how amazing your store smells!


* Weight 60g approximately
* CLP compliant
* Burn time 60 hours approximately
* High fragrance ratio
* Super scent throw
* Pure soy wax

WARNING – do not attempt to light wax melts. Do not leave your burner unattended.

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